The Reiki Healing Grid...

has the ability to send healing energy... continuously!

There are many classic Reiki Grid designs. Most of which use a six quartz crystal design and are charged to send Reiki energy continuously to the recipients. Our Reiki Master took the Spirit Oaks Reiki Grid a step further. He hand dug all the quartz crystals himself and designed the grid as a twelve quartz system, doubling the size of a regular grid! Then the grid was combined with Crystal & Stone Therapy to incorporate the healing properties of the additional twelve stones.  All of this was fixed on top of heirloom wooden table that has been in the Reiki Masters family for over 35 years!

The Spirit Oaks Reiki Grid is a very powerful healing tool!

Reiki Grids are an advance form of combining quartz crystal with Reiki energy healing. A single crystal in the hands of a Reiki Master is a powerful tool but a grid of crystals is even more powerful. Our Reiki Grid is charged with good Reiki energy and set to send a constant flow to the recipients! Who doesn’t love a constant boost!

Reiki Grid Healing Benefits...

Stress reduction that triggers natural healing ability. Speeds recovery from surgery and reduces side effects. Reduces aches & pains assisting with pain management. Creates mental balance enhancing memory and clarity. Cleans and balances the emotions helping cope with everyday stress. Helps heal emotional wounds, alleviating mood swings, fear, frustration, & anger. Improving empathy and understanding. Provides relief to emotional distress and relieves depression. Raises a person’s vibrational level.

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All Services and Classes are held at “Spirit Oaks Healing Center” Sherwood, Arkansas
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