Spiritual Insight Readings...

Contact De for a free consultation on which reading is right for you!

De is an intuitive healing reader. Her messages are about healing any aspect of your body, mind, or spirit. (Relatives who’ve crossed over and Angels may be present and give messages.) De uses oracle cards, crystals and animal carvings for her readings. Each reading is unique! No two are the same! Come to Spirit Oaks and enjoy the powerful spirit energy or get a reading from home with cell, Skype, or FaceTime! *Group and special event readings are also available

Benefits of a Spiritual Insight Reading...

Helps heal emotional wounds. Helps alleviates fear, frustration, anger, and grief. Improves insight, empathy, and understanding. Helps Mental and emotional balance. Helps reduce guilt, self sabotage, and stress. Provides relief to emotional distress and relieves depression. Helps provide answers to meaningful questions. Helps with directions for your life path journey. Raises a person’s vibrational level.

For more information, visit De Fletcher.com

You are most welcome to bring a friend! (Unfortunately there are no accommodations for small children).
All Services and Classes are held at “Spirit Oaks Healing Center” Sherwood, Arkansas
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