All Services and Classes are held at “Spirit Oaks Healing Center” Sherwood, Arkansas
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A little piece of “Ah!” in the city

Spirit Oaks Classes...

Spirit Oaks offers classes for groups and individuals. For more

information, pricing, and scheduling, visit De Fletcher’s website.

Discover Your Animal Guides

If you like animals of any kind, this class is for you!

Go on a journey into the world of animals. How they communicate, what they can help you with, and how to ask for their assistance. This class will introduce you to your spirit animal for each of the nine aspects of self.

In Your Dreams

Quick and easy tools for accessing answers and guidance from spirit.

If you have troubles sleeping or remembering your dreams, this class carries Dream Time restorative energies that can help alleviate sleep patterns which leave you tired and irritable.

Stories from the Stone People

If you like rocks, stones or crystals, this class is for you!

Many of us were taught rocks are not alive. This class will shed some light on that teaching. Learn how the “stone people” can heal, give you messages, ground you and much more!

Whispers of the Clouds

If you enjoy clouds,  blue sky or sunrises and sunsets, this is your class!

Learn about how the clouds hold messages for you and how you can ask for answers from the cloud people. Creator, the Angels, or your spirit Guides.

Talking With the Trees

If you enjoy being in nature, this class is for you!

Trees are alive and they can give us messages and tell us stories about their home area and about the Earth. They communicate with us through their “skin” and vibration. This class will give you skills and a major shift in awareness.

Earth Medicine

Learn to gain insight with an easy, step-by-step method!

This class will open you up to a whole new world of healing resources from the Seven Directions! It focuses on the healing “medicine” and how to call it in! 

Spiritual Basics

Just beginning your spiritual journey? This is your class!

Join us to learn and practice the basics of grounding, smudging, protecting, sending, receiving, balancing, releasing, entering The Silence and much more! You will leave with a great foundation of new skills to continue on your spirit path! 

All classes are held at Spirit Oaks Healing Center in

Sherwood, Arkansas.

For more information, schedule, and pricing go to De

All Earth medicine classes are taught by De to groups and  individuals.

Sign up early and bring friends for better rates.

These classes will open you up to a whole new world of healing resources from the Seven Directions and Earth Medicine!