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Buchanan’s Power Washing and Handyman Service Buchanan P. O. Box 8285 Jacksonville, Arkansas 72078 501-353-3346 Buchanan’s Power Washing and Handyman Service is based in Jacksonville and services most of Central Arkansas.  Availability is normally within one to two weeks. Pricing is reasonable without sacrificing quality! Call for a free estimate!
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Why Power Wash?

In most cases, power washing can

make things look new again or at the

very minimum look clean and cared for.

Customers, Renters, Buyers, Family

and Friends are all people and all

people appreciate a nice clean place.

Your property will look better and that

helps people feel better! That feeling of

clean and nice is what helps make

people feel happy and that is priceless!  


No one likes to live in a dirty house.

When you come home, you want to see

your house as your place to relax in!

When you have guests over, you don’t

want to be embarrassed that your deck

is horrible and the side of your house is

covered in green tree slime stuff.

You want to enjoy your company and

they want to enjoy yours in a nice place.

Buchanan can make your place nice!   

Why for Business...

If you have people coming to your place

it will leave an impression on them and

that impression needs to be a good one. 

You wouldn’t dare leave trash scattered

about or four days of dishes in the sink

while you try and have a dinner party.

Simply put, a clean place will leave a

good impression and people will come

back because they liked everything.

Specialized in Restoring


A lot of decks and porches get forgotten

or put off to another day. Eventually, the

deck turns gray, gets covered in slime

and becomes slick when wet and then it

rots away.

At some point, you can fall through your

deck and suffer injury. Or worse your

child or a visitor could be hurt!

Best worse case is that you have to tear

the deck down or rebuild it and that can

cost thousands of dollars!

The Good Deck Answer...

Have Buchanan restore your deck!

Buchanan is specialized in cleaning,

restoring, fixing, staining and sealing

decks and wooden fences.

It really doesn’t cost that much and in

the long run you will have a great deck

that you can be proud of for years!


Can you see the difference?

Need a Handyman?

Call today! 501-353-3346  

Mail box flops in the wind after being hit by a drunk driver. No problem! 

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