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Why Power Wash?

In most cases, power washing can make

things look new again or at the very

minimum look clean and cared for.

Customers, Renters, Buyers, Family and

Friends are all people and all people

appreciate a nice clean place.

Your property will look better and that helps

people feel better! That feeling of clean and

nice is what helps make people feel happy

and that is priceless!  


No one likes a dirty house. When you come

home, you want to see your house as your

place to relax in!

When you have guests over, you don’t want

to be embarrassed that your deck is horrible

and the side of your house is covered in

green tree slime.

You want to enjoy your company and they

want to enjoy yours in a nice clean place.    

Why for Business...

If you have people coming to your place of

business, it will leave an impression on

them and that impression needs to be good! 

You wouldn’t leave trash scattered about or

have your products just tossed on dusty

shelves. Your floors would be swept as well.  

Simply put, you know that a clean place

will leave a good impression on customers

and help turn them into repeat customers.

Because you know that customers like to

visit clean places and not trashy ones. Clean

places are also more likely to become

favorite places for your customers and you

know that means repeat business for you!

How good of an impression do your think

this parking lot has on customers? 

Restoring Decks...

A lot of decks and porches get forgotten or

put off to another day. Eventually, the deck

turns gray, gets covered in slime and

becomes slick when wet and then it rots


At some point, you can fall on or through

your deck and suffer injury. Or worse, your

child or a friend could be hurt!

Best worse case is that you have to tear the

deck down or rebuild it and that can cost!

The Good Deck Answer...

Have Buchanan restore your deck!

I can clean decks, repair them, stain, seal,

and restore decks and wood fences.

Restoring your deck is a great move and

won’t necessarily cost a lot of money

depending on what needs to be done.

Having a great deck that you can be proud

of for years, worth every penny!


The answer here is a wash job!

This deck is being power washed to restore it. Notice the beautiful wood and the fact that it’s not slick anymore!
Now this deck needs to dry and then have a stain and a coat of seal put on it.
This is a driveway being washed clean and make the whole house look great!