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Power Washing and Handyman Service
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You have found the right Handyman for the job! My name is “Buchanan” and my family name means a lot to me! And Since my “name” is on every job, I don’t believe in shim-sham work and no job is done unless it’s done right! That’s the “Buchanan Guarantee”! On top of My Name Guarantee, if there is a problem with my work, I’ll fix it and make it right! The only thing a client of has to do is call and tell me about it. In the years that I have been in business, I’ve yet to get one of these calls! The calls I do get are calls telling me how much better it looks now with that fixed or done. How much lower my electric bill is, how it’s been six months and the shower drain is working great like it is suppose to! How the parents came over and they love what I did to the living room and bathroom walls, All of my calls are from happy repeat clients! I have watched many clients stand there in awe and happiness at the work I did for them. I like helping people and love making a living at it! I do everything I can to keep the price down and the quality up! The way I see it, “do it once and do it right!”, Buchanan’s Power Washing and Handyman Service is based in Jacksonville and services most of Central Arkansas. Pricing is reasonable without sacrificing quality! Call for a free estimate! 
If you live far enough out that you can’t get anyone to come out and work for you, give me a call. Depending on what the job is and a small travel fee, I’ll come get it done for you! 501-353-3346        8 AM - 8PM      Monday - Saturday
© Donald Buchanan  2015 - 2017                     Hours: Monday - Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM                           (501) 353-3346 Servicing: Jacksonville, Cabot, Sherwood, North Little Rock, Little Rock, Mayflower, Conway, Heber Springs, and Hot Springs. Have Tools Will Travel. Handyman Specialties •	Clogged and slow drains(Tubs, Showers, Sinks) •	Dishwasher Deep Servicing •	Weather Stripping around doors •	Door locks and dead bolts •	Light fixture replacement •	Tub and shower caulking •	LED Lighting upgrades Why Power Wash and Seal?  Power washing will restore the look and beauty of your property, raise its curb appeal, get it sold, and just make it nice to look at. In a lot of cases, power washing can make your property look new!   Specialized in Restoring Decks. With a bit of care your deck can last for years and look great but if it’s neglected  it will become an eyesore and a hazard. You’re guests will love what I do to your deck and patio!   Selling or Renting Property?  A good power washing by me will raise the curb appeal tremendously and impress everyone with how nice it is. I’ve washed property that was not expected to sell fast but it did after I washed it the Buchanan way! Outdoor Specialties •	Deck & Wood Fence Restoration (Washing, Repair, Stain, & Seal)  •	Roof Shingle Repair •	Fascia Repair •	Roof Sweeping •	Gutter cleaning •	Outdoor Painting •	Mail Boxes (New install & Repair) •	Outdoor furniture restoration •	Concrete Sealing Power Washing •	Carports •	Concrete •	Decks •	Driveways •	Fences •	Houses •	Patios •	Pool Areas •	Sidewalks •	Mailboxes •	Brickwork  •	Patio furniture •	Vehicles Yard Work Specialties •	Mulch work •	Flowerbed maintenance  •	Bush Cutting •	Tree Trimming •	Area Cleanup Home