Honest Work Guarantee!

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Honest Work Guarantee!

The biggest concerns that people have are:

If I have heard one bad contractor story I have heard a million! Once I was surprised but I have come to expect them. I understand the struggle of being a contractor and what it takes to survive in such business. I understand why a contractor would do some of the things that some of these contractors have done. However, I don’t condone it. And to be fair, I have known clients that were just as bad as the contractors they told me about. Some folks you just can’t make happy. So, I am left with the simple fact that I am NOT one of them! But how do I go about proving that? Too easy!

Honest Work Guarantee!

All work will be done right or I will make it right. That is My Honest Work Guarantee! Photographs are taken before, during, and after the job to show that what I said I would do, I did! Also, myself and “All” of my employees pass a state background check as a condition to employment!  

Buchanan’s Power Washing and Handyman Service

Providing quality work at a good price.

I am Donald Buchanan and I am the owner of Buchanan’s Power Washing and Handyman Service. I love my business because everyday is different with it’s own unique challenges. I enjoy having the opportunity to help good people and at the end of the day everyone wins!  
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